How To Maintain Eyewear

Properly maintain eyewear and increase the longevity of your glasses. Purchasing quality frames and lenses, rather than replacing cheaper quality glasses is key. We've put together some of the most common mistakes that prevent your glasses from being in tip top shape.
How To Maintain Eyewear, Optical News at Bocaview Optical

Not on your face? Put it in the case

One of the easiest ways to main eyewear is to protect your lenses. And the best way to do that, is to put them away. If don’t plan on wearing your glasses, make sure to put them in the case to protect from scratches or cracks. Another common error is crazing. Which is when the coating on the lens begin to look like small scratches. If you end up getting scratches on your frames, you can improve or repair by polishing or contact us for more information.

Wash and maintain eyewear

Our recommendation is to wash your frames every month. Cleaning your frames and lenses can improve the longevity and appearance. Your skin interacts with the frame and can leave a residue due to your face or hair oils. Over time it can even damage your lenses. Here are a few steps to improve your eyewear.

Run warm water and place your frames under to remove any materials or oil. It’s even better if you rub them with your hands and even soap. The oil will naturally release due to the warm water. Dry your eyewear by patting a soft cloth and being gentle when pressing on the frame. Then wipe your lenses and frames until it is clean with a microfiber cloth and never use a paper towel.

Invest in Quality

It is very important to care for your eyewear by cleaning it and keeping it in is case when you’re not using it. But it’s important to invest in quality frame and lenses to ensure your eyewear last forever. Although our frames come from the top designer brands, we make sure the quality of your eyewear is good.


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