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Correct your vision with Scleral Lenses

Scleral lenses can improve your vision. In fact, it helps people with severe astigmatism, dry eyes, and diseases. However, if you’re not sure you can schedule an appointment to see if scleral lenses are right for your lifestyle.

Furthermore, they protect the cornea for a variety of conditions for patients. For example, Scleral lenses are very similar in size to a soft contact lens. Hence you may notice little to no difference at all.

Scleral Lenses fit in the white part of the eye, and are as comfortable as your regular contacts. Although it’s made of a more rigid material you can still wear them like any other contacts.

Insurance Plans

Vision And Health Insurance Accepted

We accept most vision and health insurance plans. Contact us to learn more about the details of your insurance coverage and take advantage of the benefits offered by your insurance provider.

Cigna Optical Insurance
NVA Optical Insurance
VSP Optical Insurance
EyeMed Optical Insurance
DavisVision Optical Insurance
Medicare Optical Insurance
Comp Benefits Optical Insurance
Advantica Optical Insurance
Humana Optical Insurance
AvMed Optical Insurance
BlueCross BlueShield Optical Insurance
Aetna Optical Insurance
United Healthcare Optical Insurance
Avesis Optical Insurance
SuperVision Optical Insurance
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