Superfood For Your Eyes

Superfood For Your Eyes, Optical News

Superfood for your eyes can give you powers. Have you heard the legend, that eating carrots will give you night vision? That is actually British propaganda from World War II. The myth was to deter their enemies from learning about their radar technology. They claimed their pilots got night vision from eating carrots. But, even though you don’t get night vision, eating carrots and other foods can help your eyes stay healthy.

When To Schedule An Eye Exam

When To Schedule an Eye Exam, Optical News

When to schedule an eye exam? When was the last time you had an eye exam? Whens your next eye exam? If you don’t know, stop reading and schedule an appointment today. We’re going to tell you how often you should be scheduling an eye exam. But we’re also going to tell you possible situations that may warrant an earlier visit.

How To Maintain Eyewear

How To Maintain Eyewear, Optical News at Bocaview Optical

Properly maintain eyewear and increase the longevity of your glasses. Purchasing quality frames and lenses, rather than replacing cheaper quality glasses is key. We’ve put together some of the most common mistakes that prevent your glasses from being in tip top shape.